Ballard Bunting

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Home Serendipity
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pond coverPond Cover

My dear friend and constant customer, Carolyn, is always finding something to challenge me.

In her back yard she has a pond that is forever filling with leaves and she had this idea to have me make a cover that can easily be removed when she's entertaining or when she wants to enjoy her pond and water feature.

The result is this mesh pond cover that keeps things neat till she invites family and friends to visit.

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t-shirt quilt

T-Shirt Quilt

Susan came to me with this great idea. She and her husband, Jon, wanted me to make a quilt for their son's Graduation Gift. So they brought a huge bag of Gavin's t-shirts and we sat and chose the best ones to use for the project. The back is made of yellow and blue flannel for his school colors.

What fun this whole job was to do. Stephanie and I cut squares and placed them. Susan and Jon made a couple visits to okay how the job was going and this was the outcome, a really special gift for their very special son !

In the bottom right corner square we also added 'June 6, 2010 Love, Mom and Dad' - nice touch.

Prices for quilts vary according to size. Call for an appointment and quote. 410-857-1959


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Hat Alterations

Susan came to me and said she had a strange request. Her Dad, Bob,  needed his hat to fit better and could I do that. She said he had a hat that had elastic in it and wanted to know if I could do that to another hat for him. Not ever having done that, I wasn't sure, but I was willing to try, so I told her to have him bring it in. It worked, it fits great and he loves the hat.Hat AlterationsHat Alterations

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Making Memories

Melissa came to me with her mother's clothes and asked if we could make her some quilts and pillows for her to give to all the grandchildren to remember their Grandmother. Stacks of special clothes soon became blankets and pillows for the little ones to hug and cuddle. Here are some before and after pictures.

Making MemoriesMaking Memories

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Memory PillowsMemory Pillows

Melissa's pillows turned out so adorable. They were small but we were able to make several so each grandchild could have their own.

The blue ones you see were made from the legs of pants and we left the stripe on the edge to decorate them.

The white eyelet from the front of a blouse had pleats to make it look more feminine for a girl and then I added some pink ribbon bows.

The black ones are velour and we used the brown paisley cuffs to decorate the corners and give it a more masculine look. 

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Doll Bed BeddingDoll Bed Bedding

We even make custom bedding for doll beds. Here's a doll bed that we made a foam covered mattress for and matching blanket and pillow as well.

Prices would vary depending on the size and style so call us to get a quote.

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Doll ClothesDoll Clothes

Little girls who love to play with dolls also love to change their dolls clothes.

And another fun thing is to make the little girls doll clothes match their own.

We can do either.

Before you buy doll clothing patterns, please stop in and see us. We have several in stock.

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Mortisha Skirt for HalloweenMortisha Skirt for Halloween

Sherrie came in with an unusual request. She needed a Mortisha Skirt and she said can you just whip something up for me. She brought a black skirt and some fabric and drew me what she wanted and here's the result.

I should have asked her to send me a picture of her in the skirt but at least I took this shot before she picked it up.

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fluteFlute Case

One of our good customers, Bob, asked if we could make a case for his Native American Flute. He brought us some vibrant fabric and the flute and we created a nice case for him to keep the flute safe.

He even played it for me.

How cool !


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drumDrum Case

After making the Flute Case for Bob, he recommended us to Jim, who needed a carrying case for his Frame Drum.

Jim also chose a fabulous and very appropriate fabric for his unique drum case.

This particular case we were able to put a zipper closure on and a handle for easy carrying.