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Custom Painted Furniture
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Whimsical TableWhimsical Table

Bright colors and designs bring a boring little side table to life. It can fit in a small place and add so much to your room. It could be a conversation piece that everyone asks you about and where you got it. Be sure to tell them it was made especially for you by Ballard Bunting's artist..............."Stephie".

Price $195.00



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Hand Painted Breakfast TableHand Painted Breakfast Table

Here's an example of a custom job that we did for Susan, one of our good customers. She had found this great table and just wanted to make it personal.

Susan told Stephanie to make it unlike any other and gave her total control over what she wanted to do. She simply said, "surprise me"!

Stephanie didn't disappoint her at all. She came up with this creative place setting on a pretty place mat.

Susan was so happy with the result.

Call for Pricing on your special find.

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Ballard Bunting provides custom furniture painting services.

Furniture hand-painted by Stephanie are great additions to anyone's home. We have several colorful items in our shop.

Maybe you have a favorite piece of furniture that you'd like to make more special or unique for your home. Bring it in and have Stephanie take a look at it and either give you an idea or maybe you know just what you'd like her to do for you.

Hand-painted items can also be a really great gift for a friend. Something special to really surprise someone.



Call for pricing.