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Children's Clothes and Accessories
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Matching child dressMatching Child & Doll Dress

A customer came to me with 2 bridesmaids dresses from her daughter's wedding. She wanted to make a matching child and doll dress for her granddaughter and her doll from the dresses.  What a neat idea I thought and set to work.

Here is Andrea holding the doll with her dress and the matching one for the lady's granddaughter is hanging on the door.

That's one way to use those old bridesmaid dresses again !

Prices would vary according to patterns.

Call for an estimate on your unique idea.


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dress3The Flip Flop Dress and Tote

Bella modeling one of our little girl dress sets.

Care free out in the back yard and so girlie in this adorable little dress with matching tote.

Although this one is a little big - who cares - she'll grow into it and wear it next summer too.

Price $43.00 

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Little Girls Dress and BagCustom Dress and Small Purse

Ahhh, the sweet little Bella modeling for us in the garden.

What a cutie !

You wouldn't think that decorator fabrics could make such adorable one-of-a-kind little outfits for children, but here it is.

Size 2/3 dress with a small purse matching the three inch pleat at the bottom of her dress. And this dress could even be worn in the cooler months with a little turtle neck under it and some tights. Very versatile.

Price $38.00


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Custom Dress/Bag Set for ChildCustom Dress with Matching Bella Bag

What little girl wouldn't love an adorable dress and matching bag?

Here's Bella in an adorable dress with the 'Bella Bag' named especially for her shortly after she was born. Now at 2-1/2 she's modeling for us and I might add - quite willingly.

The dresses are made to be one-of-a-kind. There is a three inch pleated bottom of co-ordinating fabric. We may use some of the same fabrics, but will switch out different colors of pleats or the body of the dress so that no two are alike.

But as always, you can order them in different sizes or have us make them with your own fabrics.

Price $49.00