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Window Seat Cushions

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Window Seat Cusions and Pillows

Special Project Spotlight

before & after

A cold and dreary window seat in this child's room, has been transformed into an inviting, cozy and elegant space. What was once an eye-sore, is now the focal point of the room, creating a special place for kids to sit and read or take a small nap. Customized-to-fit pillows make this window warm and inviting, and cost effective, too!

"I asked Ballard Bunting Boutique to convert this space and turn it into something more attractive. I provided them with three fabric patterns I had chosen and let them do the rest. I left for vacation and came home to discover this masterpiece! The pillows are gorgeous, and the fabric patterns were used in a way that compliments all of them. I'm just thrilled, and my little girls can't get enough of this window seat! Normally I couldn't afford custom work to this extent but Ballard Bunting Boutique makes custom window treatments, pillows and cushion covers at a price you won't believe!"

-- Jessica Dijak
Reisterstown, MD