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Seat and Chair Cushion Covers


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Chair Cushion Covers

While we don't do upholstery of furniture, if your cushions are removable, we can make new covers for you.

If you bring them in, we'll measure them, figure how much fabric you will need, and give you a price to do the job.

We also can come to your home if you prefer to have things measured there.

Brenda brought these to me and we recovered them for her. On the left is the before fabric, from the 70's, and on the right is the updated fabric. We will give you choices of whether or not you would like zippers and/or welting.

Call for an appointment...410-857-1959


Window Seat Cushions

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Window Seat Cusions and Pillows

Special Project Spotlight

before & after

A cold and dreary window seat in this child's room, has been transformed into an inviting, cozy and elegant space. What was once an eye-sore, is now the focal point of the room, creating a special place for kids to sit and read or take a small nap. Customized-to-fit pillows make this window warm and inviting, and cost effective, too!

"I asked Ballard Bunting Boutique to convert this space and turn it into something more attractive. I provided them with three fabric patterns I had chosen and let them do the rest. I left for vacation and came home to discover this masterpiece! The pillows are gorgeous, and the fabric patterns were used in a way that compliments all of them. I'm just thrilled, and my little girls can't get enough of this window seat! Normally I couldn't afford custom work to this extent but Ballard Bunting Boutique makes custom window treatments, pillows and cushion covers at a price you won't believe!"

-- Jessica Dijak
Reisterstown, MD

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Recovered RockerRecovered Rocker

Here we recovered the cushions and made a skirt to go over the bottom of this family heirloom rocker.

Of course every piece that a customer brings in to us is unique so we can't quote a price. But we can come to your home to give you a quote.

Just give us a call or email us for an appointment.


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Window Seat Cushion

Window Seat Cushion

Here is a window seat cushion we covered with skull fabric for Sam's room. (you'll notice a lot of things with skull fabric inspired by Sam, my grandson).

This particular cushion is 40'' x 40'' and 5'' thick to make it really comfortable. You can see Sam loves it !

Welting or zipper optional.

Call for price 410-857-1959